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Soursop! Oh my sweet delicate Soursop! If you want exotic, then this is the Fruit Plant that needs to be in your garden. With her strange heart shaped fruit, she is as mysterious as her taste. If this is not a Super Fruit then it is now!🌿✨

✔︎Vitamin C &A

✔︎High in Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Protein.

Filipinos use it as a vegetable with their delicious dishes, making it a highly healthy dish!

✔︎Lushious Milk is used for cocktails, wine or brandy.🥰

✔︎Fruit Flesh used for ice- creams, mousse, jellies, souffles, sorbet, cakes and even candy.

Can you see this amazing fruit on your table, in your salads 🥗… while your guest gazes at it’s interesting beauty. Add this Plant into your Garden and be the talk of the Garden world.

Journalist Joan Namkoong : “Inside is smooth, cream-colored, custardy flesh that hints at the flavours of pineapple, mango, passion fruit, banana and lemon.”🌴✨


Refer to the second photo of the actual plant we are selling. It is a very healthy plant and ready to go on the ground. Height approximately 1.8 meters.


A little piece of heaven in your backyard. FREE DELIVERY!


Soursop Fruit Tree- Upto 25% OFF

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  • Because plants need water and love to grow, we give you 24hrs if you change your mind. In this case, please give us a call, and you can return your plant to us for a full refund. No returns are accepted after a 24hr period (from dropping time). It is your responsibility to make sure the plants are cared for when it is in your possession ie. water the plants when required. To avoid unnecessary trouble, we encourage you to choose your plant carefully.

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