Palmer  mango considered dwarf (half the normal size of mango tree) variety suitable for small backyard or to be grown in a pot. The fruit itself is almost fiberless and has attractive coloured skin red to purple. Time to fruit/flower is 4-5 years.


What's for sale is a young tree and the current height is 90cm. Swipe the photos to see the actual size of the plant. This is good to plant in Perth because of the favorable soil and weather conditions. 


We offer free delivery for order above $100, so please add a potting mix for $7 to avoid extra fee of $9.90 for delivery. 

Palmer Mango tree

  • Because plants need water and love to grow, we give you 24hrs if you change your mind. In this case, please give us a call, and you can return your plant to us for a full refund. No returns are accepted after a 24hr period (from dropping time). It is your responsibility to make sure the plants are cared for when it is in your possession ie. water the plants when required. To avoid unnecessary trouble, we encourage you to choose your plant carefully.

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