Hi, my name is Acca sellowiana but you can call me Feijoa. I came from myrtle family with flowering species, native to Brazil but Kiwi (New Zealanders) have adopted me before you Aussie did. I am considered as a shrub or small tree maximum growth is 1 meter to 7meter height. My skin is green in colour and I am round oval shape, like chicken eggs. I am sweet and juicy – just imagine you are eating pineapple, apple and mint mixed together. When I was growing up, I get teased by my friends and they name call me “pineapple guava”. When my fruits are ready to be eaten, you must pick me before I drop on the ground. I am very fruitful so when I start dropping it will be like a rain fall. Why you should buy me? I am super high fibre fruit that’s rich in vitamin C. You can eat me as many as you like but be prepared to be sitting on the toilet due to the fibre J if you overdose yourself. If you are pregnant, please eat me because I have folic acid that you need. My current height is 2 meters. Swipe the photo and you can see me how I look before buying.Add me in your shopping cart today and take me to your home. I am sick and tired being in the pot because my roots are screaming to grow wild in your garden! Love,FeijoaP/S: If you don’t have green thumb, it’s ok. Add “planting service” to your shopping cart and my current owner will plant it for you.



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