Coco peat is made out of coconut husk also known as coir. It is a great substances to be mixed with the garden soil about 25:75 ratio. Coco peat helps with water retention and aeration. Coco peat can be substitute to mulch for plants to retain soil moisture.

Great for summer! It can also be used for seed propagation, like Jiffy Pots.

Coco peat mixed with peat moss ideal for marcotting fruit trees.


A kilogram of cocopeat is said to be capable of absorbing seven litres of water and retaining it for several months. High porosity of the coco peat substratum allows good air circulation and quick vegetative propagation when planted with saplings. Besides, it is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and other necessary substances for farming.


What we are selling is 25L bag of coco peat for $15 each. Free delivery for order above $100. 

Coco peat

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