The Goodness of Guava

Updated: Feb 16

Guava is one of the best fruits given by nature. Not only does the fruit has health benefits, but the leaves are also beneficial as well. Below are some of the guava's benefits both coming from the fruit and leaves:

  • It lowers blood sugar levels.

  • It boosts heart health.

  • Helps relieve painful symptoms of cramps and menstruation.

  • Helps improve the digestive system.

  • Also aids in weight loss.

  • Helps in the fight against cancer.

  • Can boost immunity.

  • Taking guava is beneficial for the skin.

There are a lot more benefits available, but the ones above are those that are commonly known. It is nice to have this tree at home since this does not consume a lot of space, easy to grow, and fruits abundantly.

The climate in Perth is perfect for growing this tree since this thrives beautifully in a warm climate. This tree predominantly grows in tropical and subtropical regions and can readiy adapt here in Perth. Want to grow one? Click this link to check out our available guava seedlings. We also offer garden supplies and planting services to help you grow your beloved guava tree.

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