Air Pruning Pot

Updated: Jan 21

Here are 4 reasons you should consider air pruning pots in your garden.

  1. Aeration is a process of air circulation to enhance or boost plant growth to produce a healthy plant. Without aeration, the soil becomes compact and makes it hard for roots to grow. By aerating soil, dry soil patches are broken to ensure water is evenly distributed and airflow gets to the roots. This way plants are kept healthy at all times.

  2. Root rot is a disease that affects the roots of a plant. Its condition was mainly caused by overwatering or by using poor dense/compact garden soil or potting mix that does not allow excess water to drain. As a result, plant roots start to decay and spreads through the soil, and eventually kills the plant.

  3. Plant roots that form clusters of closely spaced main roots and short roots that grow sideways. As a result of this, plants don’t grow fully and eventually die. 

  4. Plant roots have completely taken up the container/pot space. Roots form hard and compact by circling the pots forming pot shape due to space constrain. It means the plant is not healthy because roots have taken out the soil with no nutrients, water, and air for plants to grow.

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